Mini-Conference Bounty!

I thought I’d share a couple pictures of my gardening using plants from the Cadillac and Houghton Lake Mini-Conferences this summer. (You may recall that we did container gardening sessions as a way to promote incorporating fresh and local foods into our diets for better health and wellness.) My plants are doing awesome! It’s the first time I’ve ever grown anything!

The tomatoes have gotten so large that even a cage wouldn’t hold them up. I had to use string and tie them to a support near the house. There’s about 20 plus tomatoes on each plant. The peppers I’ve been using as fast as I can pick them and then they grow again. The green comes up better than yellow, though. If I go a couple days without watering I find wilted plants. A shot of water and within 30 minutes they are back up and not wilting whatsoever.

The next set of Mini-Conferences has a segment on preserving nature’s bounty – including freezing, canning, and drying the fresh foods we are finding at farmer’s markets now for use this winter… We look forward to sharing ideas!