Provider Training

Provider Training

There are a variety of resources listed below to complete required training, which include Read-Review-Test, In-Person Classroom Training, Website Training, and Self-Study. Please refer to your contract for specific training requirements.

Recipient Rights, Health & Wellness, and Medication Administration training will be in-person.

Northern Lakes CMHA reserves the right to make changes to the training schedule, location or to cancel class due to low enrollments.

How to Register for Health & Wellness and Medication Administration Training

To reserve a seat at an in-person training for Health & Wellness and/or Medication Administration, you must email with the following required information:

  • Title & Date of Training
  • Employee First & Last Name
  • Employee Email Address
  • Work Location or Affiliated Organization
  • Supervisor/Contact Name, Email Address, Phone Number

Once the required information is received by you will receive a confirmation email.

How to Register for Recipient Rights Training

For Recipient Rights training, please register using this link.

Inclement Weather Protocol for Scheduled In-Person training

Northern Lakes CMHA in-person Health & Wellness and Medication Administration classroom trainings will be canceled when the Public Schools in the training location are canceled. You are responsible to reschedule for another training date.

For Recipient Rights Training, classes will not automatically be cancelled when Public Schools cancel classes.  All rights trainings will take place as scheduled. If there is going to be a cancellation, The Office of Recipient Rights (ORR) staff will notify participants as early as possible. If weather conditions are severe and you do not feel comfortable traveling for class, please notify the Rights Office and we will work with you to reschedule your training.

Helpful Docs


If you have any questions about NLCMHA trainings, contact the NLCMHA Training Department at

For questions about Mental Health First Aid, email Beth Burke.

If you have any questions about Recipient Rights training requirements or if you would like to schedule a specialized training, please contact the NLCMHA Office of Recipient Rights at 231-935-3873.