Northern Lakes Integrated Health Clinic

Yes! We are accepting new patients.

Open to anyone in the community, regardless of insurance.

For an appointment call (231) 935-3062.

The Northern Lakes Integrated Health Clinic (IHC) is a “one stop shop” – a convenient place to get all your care in one place, with a full care team. The Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and other staff who comprise the IHC team are especially skilled at listening. They will help you find effective strategies to increase your motivation and plan lifestyle changes so you will be successful in your physical health goals. This focus can jumpstart an upward spiral of success.

At the IHC, you will develop a personalized care plan that addresses your complete wellness. This may include managing any chronic physical health conditions, such as diabetes or COPD, and mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety.

You will also receive periodic screenings to measure your progress, referrals to specialists as needed, access to fun classes and learning opportunities which may include cooking, stress reduction, yoga, quitting smoking, and more. You will have access to a health coach that is invested in you and will encourage you to reach your goals!