#Tools4Resilience is a virtual education series of one-hour presentations on a variety of topics intended to help people build their resilience and learn strategies for self-care.

May 1: Social Media and Mental Health

Community Services Trooper Corey Hebner from the Gaylord Michigan State Police Post will talk about social media and staying safe online.

May 7: Protecting Yourself Online

IT experts will share tips for phone and tablet security, protecting your privacy, and identity.

May 8: Stories of Hope & Recovery: Lessons from Lived Experience

Members of Petoskey Club, New Horizons Clubhouse, Traverse House, and Club Cadillac will share their experiences and advice about living with mental health challenges and dealing with stigma.

May 14: There is No Expiration Date on Grief

Grief can reach out and grab you when you least expect it. There is no timetable or instruction book for dealing with grief but there are ways you can help care for yourself.

May 15: Somewhere Over the Rainbow: In Search of Health, Humor and Happiness

Learn how to build a personalized set of coping tools in handling stress.

May 21: Get Wise and Energize Your Eating

Refresh your healthy eating choices and learn about new trends.

May 22: Practical Tools to Help Children and Adolescents with Complex Needs

Learn about three principles (connecting, correcting, empowering) to bring healing and caring help to children who have experienced adversity, early harm, toxic stress, and/or trauma.

May 28: Finding Clarity to Navigate Multicultural Environments

Learn about the transformative process of becoming more adept in cross-cultural situations.

May 29: Managing Stress

Learn tips and tools to help deal with everyday stress.

May 4: Letting go of the heavy backpack: working through difficult situations

Learn how to communicate in a positive way to help others. Learn techniques how to handle situations where people might become angry, or behaviors escalate.

May 9: Navigating conflict resolution.

Skills and tips to practice to positively and constructively communicate with people in your work or personal life.

May 11: A DOSE of Life.

Increase and balance your happy hormones to become more resilient by taking control and living your life!

May 16: Developing cultural intelligence.

Gain an inside view of individual bias to increase understanding and for personal development.

May 18: Strong foundation, bright futures: building a healthy tomorrow.

An overview of the parent-infant relationship and its impact on mental health, wellbeing, and resiliency.

May 23: Trying to keep yourself safe online.

A roundtable discussion on ways to thwart common techniques scammers use to steal our financial and personal data.

May 25: Health is our wealth.

Choices to holistically integrate your physical and mental health in order to achieve optimal health. Techniques to advocate for yourself with a primary care provider, food as medicine, and more!