Drop-in Centers

Drop-In Centers offer a safe, supportive environment within the community for individuals who have experienced mental/emotional problems. Individuals do not need to be currently receiving mental health services in order to attend a Drop-In Center. It is a place to go, a place to be, a place to make friends, and be accepted.

You can learn more about the philosophy of Drop-In Centers below.

Kandu Island is a Drop-In Center for those who have experienced mental health problems located two blocks south of Cherryland Mall in Traverse City. It is a nonprofit consumer-run program which offers a safe haven for people to go and experience life free from stigma, where people can help each other by sharing their knowledge and networking as they travel the road to recovery.

Everyone is welcome to drop in at the “New Connections” Houghton Lake Drop-In Center on West Houghton Lake Road in Prudenville. The Drop-In Center is a non-profit organization which offers a haven for people with issues to go and experience life, make friends, socialize, go on outings, and help each other. New outings are always being planned.