Strategic planning for 2022-2025 is underway. A public hearing is held annually to seek community input which is used in the strategic plan development. The most recent public hearing was July 21, 2021.

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Strategic Plan 2019-2021

GOAL One – Northern Lakes will be the premier leader in Northern Michigan in providing integrated behavioral, physical and substance use disorder services for persons served by the public mental health system.

Objective A – Integrated health will be offered to all consumers in all regions.

Measurable OutcomeAll consumers will have health goals in their IPOS. All consumers will have a current health care provider identified in their EHR. Will begin implementing integrated health service in the Grayling Office and then focus on Houghton Lake and Cadillac.


Objective B – Position NLCMHA to contract with MDHHS for any new programs for integrated health care including public/private partnerships.

Measurable OutcomeEvaluate any programmatic changes and implement if appropriate for NLCMHA.


Objective C – We will offer health and wellness goals within the consumer’s person centered planning process.

Measurable Outcome100%



GOAL Two – Strengthen Management Team and Employed Workforce


Objective A – Comprehensive Orientating/Training/Mentoring Program.

Measurable Outcome – Completed policy including forms. Reduction of turnover rate.


Objective B – Succession Planning for all Supervisor/Manager/Executive Team Functions and Positions.

Measurable Outcome – Supervisors, Managers, and E-Team positions recruiting and mentoring possible successors, documenting the process put in place within the activity.


Objective C – Training and Supports to Mitigate Secondary Trauma/Compassion Fatigue/Burnout.

Measurable Outcome – 95% of all clinical staff will be trained in secondary trauma mitigation.


Objective D – Maintain a Culture that Supports a Motivated and Committed Employee Workforce.

Measurable Outcome – Reduction of turnover rate. Organizational Climate Survey results demonstrating improvement year over year.


GOAL Three – Strengthen NLCMHA IT, Finance and Office Building Infrastructure.


Objective AImprove Information Technology Software, Hardware, Reporting and Mobile Solutions.

Measurable Outcomes – Successful implementation of NoLa, Intacct, Compass 3.19 and 4.0.


Objective B – Operate an Effective and Efficient Administration that supports all lines of business.

Measurable Outcomes – Administrative Costing < 9% for MH and 80/20 separation of services to administrative in MI Choice, Technology improvements within PING and Compass software updates.


Objective C – Maintain/Expand NLCMHA Offices and Buildings to meet the functional, growth and security needs of staff and the requirements of all lines of business.

Measurable Outcomes – A setting that meets the functional needs of consumers and staff supporting services.



GOAL Four – Grow and Expand Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS)


Objective A – Grow the MI Choice Waiver Program.

Measurable Outcomes – Participant experience and satisfaction survey results; Usage of all slots available; CQAR, AQAR, MPRO, and NCQA results. Provider Network at 125% capacity.


Objective B – Expand the OBRA Program.

Measurable Outcomes – Adhere to timeliness guidelines set forth by MDHHS.


Objective C – Position NLCMHA to contract with MDHHS on any new programs for LTSS.

Measurable Outcomes – Attendance at MHCSN, EDIT, PISC, MI Choice Waiver Director’s meeting.


GOAL Five – Increase the program and service activities that intersect with Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice


Objective A – Enhance relationships with jails, law enforcement and counties based on the Sequential Intercept Model.

Measurable Outcomes – Annual trainings with jail staff. Invite 100% of criminal justice agency partners.


Objective B – Expand Services in the jails and with law enforcement.

Measurable Outcomes – Staff retention within jail setting.



GOAL Six – Expand residential treatment options for all populations either through development or contracting


Objective A – Expand Specialized Residential Services and Supported Independent Living options.

Measurable Outcomes – License to do business. Success of staffing and residences to capacity.


Objective B – Expand Crisis Residential/Transition Options.

Measurable Outcomes – Completed contracts with providers and develop contracts with crisis residential programs in the State of Michigan.



GOAL Seven – Quality consistent with NLCMHA’s Vision, Mission, Values and Ends Statements


Objective A – Provide Evidence Based Practices (EBP) in a Person Centered Environment when practical and feasible.

Measurable Outcomes – Assess and provide the number of groups accordingly. PMTO, FPE, Seeking Safety, and EMDR individual and group treatment will be available in all offices. Develop and Implement a survey to address client satisfaction for EBP. This information is then part of the Agency Performance Assessment. Will receive a response from the Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Objective B – Enhance and improve the services provided by the Crisis Services Team.

Measurable Outcomes – Successful roll out of FAST in Crawford/Roscommon Counties and increase inpatient diversions by 25%.


Objective C – Enhance and improve timely services to consumers following initial assessment.

Measurable Outcomes – Will meet 95% of performance indicators.


Objective D – Meet MDHHS Performance Indicators and Standards for Medicaid Claims Verification.

Measurable Outcomes – PIP standard being met and 95% MA verification results.


Objective E – Meet all requirements for Clinical Documentation, Person Centered Planning and the Individual Plan of Service.

Measurable Outcomes – Real time activity reports indicating the timeliness of documentation. 95% of documentation will be completed according to policy guidelines.


Objective F – Maintain CARF and NCQA accreditations.

Measurable Outcomes – Positive outcomes of accreditation reviews.


Objective G – Pursue additional accreditations and certifications that will enhance lines of business.

Measurable Outcomes – Positive outcomes of accreditation or reviews.