It’s been said that quality is never an accident, but always the result of sincere effort. At Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority (NLCMHA), quality improvement is foremost about an over-arching and widely-held commitment to the spirit of continuous improvement that involves everyone associated with the service experience and ensures the highest quality treatment and support services to persons of Crawford, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Missaukee, Roscommon and Wexford counties.

That commitment is exemplified in the partnership between people who receive services, their families, NLCMHA staff, subcontract providers, agency leaders and the governing board who provide input and annually work together to specify a written quality improvement plan that is reviewed and approved by the NLCMHA governing board in accordance the NLCMHA Mission, Vision Statements and Ends Policy.

The annual Quality Improvement Plan contains a work plan of specific performance improvement priorities to be pursued. Additional sources of information to guide the ongoing assessment and continuous improvement of performance include:

  • Quantitative organization-wide measurement, monitoring and management of specific performance indicators;
  • Qualitative measures of people’s service experiences and the experience of those providing experiences;
  • Identification and monitoring the response to critical incidents;
  • Intense study and learning from adverse outcomes and sentinel events;
  • Statewide and national performance benchmarks;
  • PIHP Quality Oversight coordination activities including the Northern Michigan Regional Entity Quality Oversight Plan and Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) Projects.

Get involved! We value and continuously seek participation in NLCMHA quality improvement opportunities. To learn more and plan how you can contribute to the continuous improvement of NLCMHA services, call the Director’s Office at (231) 935-3677.