Sue: My Story

I was born and raised in Chicago until I moved to Traverse City in 1985, right after high school. On November 27, 1985, I lost my father in a car accident. That’s when the depression started. I noticed the depression getting to me in 1996 when I lived in Antrim County. In June 1997 I had my last appointment at Antrim County CMH. What I was diagnosed with was depression with personality disorder. With the meds to help me control it, I was doing well with my depression for four years. In January 2001 my depression got worse again and I knew that something was wrong. I went to Northern Lakes CMH for services. I have great support with my treatments.

I am an outgoing, cheerful, inspired person. I know some people look at me like I don’t have a mental illness, because I am outgoing and doing things and especially because I have inspired others to do things for themselves. There are times that it’s hard for me because the depression will come out and I have to think good things. One of them is to get hold of my support team at CMH or another support team that I have outside of CMH.

What also helps me with my depression is enjoying two dogs and a cat that my roommates have, and also two birds and a fish tank. I have also taken up knitting. I have made a small blanket for one of the dogs and am making another blanket for my roommate and I’m enjoying that. I go for walks and just enjoy the outside when it’s nice out. I enjoy cooking and baking when I get a chance to do the baking.

I’m glad for that and for all the support I have from so many people like my great family, friends, roommates and my CMH support team. I have couldn’t ask for better support and I couldn’t ask for any better way to recovery.

I can see the brightness today, tomorrow, and in the future.