Krystina: My Story

I am 25 years old. I live in Kingsley, Michigan, in an AFC home. When I was born I had two parents that abused me all the time and were always drunk. I was taken away from my parents and put into a foster home in Sault Ste. Marie when I was two years old. When I was about four years old I was adopted by two wonderful parents. I can remember the love that was there and entitlement.

The most important thing that happened in my life was being adopted by my parents. I went from a bad environment to a new, more positive environment which was much better. It was more loving, caring, and I was better treated.

I grew up on a cherry farm. I grew up with one half sister who now lives in a different state and one adoptive brother who currently lives with my mom. My mom has always been my support person in my life. She has always stuck up for me from the get go. My dad was always a cherry farmer and a very stable person in my life. Every other weekend, my mom takes me for fun events. Some of the fun events we do are shopping, eating out, and taking road trips. At my AFC home we have wonderful, loving staff. We do several things, like playing card games. My favorite is Skip-Bo. We also play bingo and go on outings in the community. Sometimes I even go on outings by myself.

One of the things that is meaningful to me is my dog, Brandy, who is very playful, lovable, and enjoyable. In March of 2012, I started selling Avon. This has been a dream come true to me. Another one of my hopes and dreams is living on my own someday. I hope to live at Community Living Center (CLC) where many of my friends are living. CLC is a semi-independent place which trains you to get your own apartment.

Love is the eternal blessing of a fire that is everlasting.