Malinda: My Story

Sometimes I feel like the Energizer Bunny – I’m hopping allover the place with activities and responsibilities in my life. Between my husband, my son, and my involvement with Community Mental Health activities, I seem to be on the go constantly. In the past year I became involved with the Recipient Rights Advisory Committee and more recently with the Quality Improvement Committee; both of these meet on a regular basis (quarterly and monthly). There’s a lot to take in and learn about what’s going on at CMH from these committees.

I’m also very involved with Club Cadillac, including being on its Board of Directors – another monthly meeting. My husband and I try to go to Club every day to be with people we enjoy. I help out with the Education Committee. On Thursdays, we have a teacher who comes in who teaches us math, reading, and other subjects. I help others with their work during the rest of the week. Sometimes I’ll help with lunch by making my recipe for meatloaf. It goes out like “rockets” – members really seem to like my meatloaf. Other days, I may help with the Clerical Unit.

As a Club member, I have attended different events, both with my fellow members as well as by myself as a representative for Club Cadillac. Some events like: Walk-A-Mile in Lansing; the annual NLCMHA Recovery Conferences in various counties; and, the annual Consumer Conference in Lansing sponsored by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Recently I was selected by my fellow Club members to attend the state-wide Club meetings.  Clubhouses from all over the state meet for this meeting that take place around the state every three months.

Now do you believe me, when I say I’m busy? But staying busy has helped me to keep my mind occupied and manage the stress of being the mother of a 16-year-old, having physical health problems that pop up every now and then, and, of course, managing my mental health as well.