Recovery Learning Communities – first meeting materials here!

What is a Recovery Learning Community? What is the NLCMHA Recovery Council? What does recovery mean to us? These and other questions were discussed by lots of people who attended the first meetings of the Recovery Learning Communities at Northern Lakes CMH!

If you missed your community’s first meeting, come to the next one – it will never be too late to join in and learn about recovery at Northern Lakes CMH.

Everyone who attended the first time received a binder of materials and some give-aways. You can get a binder next meeting if you did not attend the first time. The binders included these documents, which you can read ahead of time (or not):

Happy holidays… The Recovery Learning Communities are on break in December. The second meetings will be held in January. Bring YOUR definition of recovery next time. Come see what it’s all about, get involved, meet some great people, make a difference.