Recovery Learning Communities – February 2008 meeting materials here

Yoga, tai chi, exercise, stress management, meditation, eating healthy on a budget, food/drug interactions, journaling/poetry/writing, book clubs, art, music, drama, crafts, organizational skills and clutter control, financial planning, building credit, housing and other community resources, first aid, how to access the Internet, and smoking cessation are just a few of the Holistic Wellness ideas generated at the February Learning Communities.

These are what people are interested in learning about to improve their wellness. In the coming months, the Recovery Council will review these ideas and prioritize in order to make some recommendations on what NLCMHA can do to improve performance in this area.

We’re expecting to end up with some strategies to connect people with community resources that are already out there, advocate to create new resources in the community that don’t currently exist, find creative ways for people to afford some of the opportunities that cost money, and design some of our own classes and learning opportunities.

The agenda also included watching the new NLCMHA stigma busters video, To See What I See, along with brainstorming ideas on where to show this in the community to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues.