Recovery Learning Communities – July 2008 meeting materials here!

The July Learning Community meeting agenda included a fun, interactive segment on Effective Listening and the Art of Asking Questions. Recovery Coordinator Mary Beth pretended to be a grumpy, uncommunicative guy and the group tried to engage in conversation with “him.” When people asked good, open-ended questions, Mary Beth responded and a conversation was started. When people asked not-so-good questions, Mary Beth grunted or gave one-word answers. Everyone learned that you sometimes have to listen very hard in order to really hear what another person has to say and get to their true meaning. People also learned about the kinds of questions that are helpful and not helpful in helping someone else to get in touch with his or her inner wisdom. Everyone can use the skills practiced in this meeting to engage with and help others.

Also in July, attendees did an art project and created “STOP” signs to carry with them (or post in their homes or offices) to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Motivational, inspirational sayings and words in fancy script were provided along with a collection of art materials from which to choose. It was a fun activity that got people talking and moving.