Jeff: My Story

I first discovered I had schizophrenia while I was in the Navy in 1985. I was having a nervous breakdown and was suicidal; I had other things going on at the same time. I received counseling and medicinal therapies at Orlando Navy Base for about three months.

My faith in Jesus Christ and God has kept me a lot of times from going over the deep end.

Second and third events in my life are intertwined together at the same time: My son, while on drugs, assaulted me, injuring me severely. My mother died on February 28, 2008 and we buried her on March 6, 2008 on her birthday. I went to Lockwood Psychiatric ward in Petoskey for about a week. There I received medical care, psychological care, and grief classes too.

For other methods of mental therapy for myself I do magic tricks to keep me busy and I also hold a job for extra money, too. I’m part of The Healing of Magic sponsored by International Brotherhood of Magicians; I am also a member in Society of American Magicians, and the International Society of Magicians where I have a Doctorate Degree in magic.

My plans for the future are to move to Colon, Michigan, where I am going to live and try to get a job at Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing Corp. and take classes online at AIU in visual communications which I will use in my choice of field of work.