Dr. Curtis Cummins, our Medical Director, and Erica Longstreet, our Access Operations Manager, talk with UpNorthLive’s Brendan Kinney about how and when to access mental health care, how long treatment may take to work, what primary doctors can do, the difference between psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical therapists, and more.

People needing care may drop in to any of our four offices or call our access clinicians at 800-492-5742 to determine what will be the best next steps. In a crisis, people have several choices, depending on the severity of the crisis (which you decide). You can call our 24-7 hotline at 833-295-0616, call 911 if it is a medical emergency, go to the emergency room, or depending on circumstances, our mobile crisis team may come to you in the community.

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Click to call access to services at 800-492-5742.

Click to call the 24/7 Crisis Line at 833-295-0616.