I am highly energized and totally positive today.

Each and every day of my life brings fresh new opportunities for fulfillment and happiness.

I am enthusiastic and energetic.

I eagerly look forward to each and every experience that comes my way.

I have a positive expectancy.

I am at peace with the world around me.

My thinking becomes more positive as I go about life.

I am a positive and successful winner.

I focus on and see the positive side of all experiences.

I have a good sense of humor and can laugh at myself.

There is much more harmony in my life each day.

I have an inner strength and confidence.

I am charged with energy and alert of mind as I start each new day.

I have a spontaneous warmth and giving attitude toward those around me.

I am fulfilled with my accomplishents. I am optimistic and filled with enthusiasm.

Negativity detaches, dissolves, and melts away from me.

This wonderful day brings great enjoyment.

Life is filled with many wonderful opportunities.

Today is a great day – I feel wonderful.

There is a cheery tone in my voice and a happy bounce in my step.

I am motivated and energized to accomplish and enjoy this day.

I have clear goals in mind for life.

Every experience is a positive opportunity.

I am a limitless being realizing more and more of my potential.

I am energized with an inner drive to accomplish and enjoy life.

I feel great. I am confident. I feel good about myself.

Life is wonderful.