Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a process by which your Individualized Plan of Services is developed. This process ensures you make the decision on the services you want and need, within the array of services you are eligible to receive.

Person Centered Planning assists you in planning your future, and the best way to achieve your hopes and dreams. We all have hopes and dreams for the future. Some dreams we can work towards on our own or we may need support from others. Person Centered Planning is a way of talking about and planning your future. It is about your strengths, not your weaknesses. It is about building relationships and being involved with your family, friends and the community. It is about your choices. It is about YOU!

Some choices may include where to live, who to live with, where to work and who to have for friends. You have choices about what to do for fun and what to do in the years ahead. It is all about your future!

PCP is an ongoing process, and changes can be made as new opportunities and challenges arise.