This is RD, Recovery Doll – by Anna Marie Lawrence


This is R.D. (short for Recovery Doll)
He comes with many parts and many colors.
We too, have many parts and come in many colors.

If someone hits R.D.,
it doesn’t hurt him.
If someone hollers at R.D.,
he doesn’t let it bother him.

If someone hits you,
don’t let it hurt your feelings.
If someone hollers at you,
don’t let it bother you,
no matter what they say.

Be like R.D.
Try to stay steady.
Do like R.D.
Don’t let the hurts hurt you.

There are many illnesses.
Some of them drive us to
thoughts of suicide.
We do not have to be victims,
but we do need to be winners.
Choose life.

If you don’t feel the hurt,
if you don’t hear the hurt,
then you don’t receive the hurt.