Northern Lakes Community Mental Health recognizes the value of and employs people with lived experience and believes strongly in Recovery and a Culture of Gentleness. To this end, this position requires a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture that “Expects Recovery” and “Encourages Gentleness.”

This is a clinical position responsible for developing consumer behavior programs and completing psychological assessments. This position has the primary responsibility for assuring the psychological /behavioral treatment is suitable and appropriate for consumers of the public mental health system. The psychologist is an active member of a treatment team, and reports to the Operations Manager, as assigned. This position has no direct supervisory responsibilities.

ESSENTIAL POSITION FUNCTIONS (listing Position Specific functions first):
• Conduct functional behavioral and psychological assessments.
• Conduct cognitive and adaptive assessments for Probate Court guardianships.
• Design/monitor and evaluates psychological/behavioral treatment programs in cooperation with other members of the team.
• Provide assistance in staff training and crisis intervention services related to psychological or behavioral treatment as indicated.
• Participate in interdisciplinary staffing meetings and other pertinent consumers and staff meetings.
• Insure psychological services meet agency, state and federal, and other pertinent standards and policies and keeps current with applicable laws and regulations.
• Provide in-service and training opportunities to co-workers and service providers in the greater mental health system.
• Locate, obtain and coordinate services outside and inside the CMH system as needed.
• Participate in Quality Assurance case review procedures, including consumer satisfaction.
• Provide effective individual, group and/or family therapy (short and long-term).
• Coordinate Person-Centered Planning. In doing so, attends total spectrum of the individual’s needs, including but not necessarily limited to, housing, family relationships, social activities, education, finance, employment, health (including special needs), recreation, mobility, protective services and documents as appropriate.
• Collaborate with consumers (and staff) in assessing their needs, develop treatment goals, objectives, methodologies, timeliness, and evaluate progress toward goals.
• Active member of Culture of Gentleness Committee and Behavior Treatment Review Committee.

Credentialed by the Authority to provide services in this professional discipline.

Must have licensure with the State of Michigan as a fully licensed Psychologist preferred. Limited Licensed Psychologist considered. Must maintain licensure.