Lynn: As Time Goes On


I thought the world was my oyster. My husband of almost forty years and I were living the American Dream: new boats, airplanes, cars, motorcycles, three beautiful homes, two successful businesses, a successful son who traveled with us to many exotic places. I thought this great living would never end!!

But a series of events occurred in 2003 which I had no control over. We built our dream house in the North and moving at my age was traumatic, leaving my friends and neighbors behind. My husband lost his job, the company filed bankruptcy, my beloved Samoyed passed away suddenly, and my father who lived with us broke his hip. It was just too much for me to bear. My world finally came crashing down upon me.

So, in January 2004 I was off to a mental hospital in Saginaw which wasn’t the nicest place. However, they gave me the correct medication I am still on today. My sister came from Arizona to rescue me from the hospital, but as I was leaving they gave me a card with the name of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health. So, in February I was at their doorstep.

I cannot say enough good things about Northern Lakes. Their whole team is fantastic and have pulled me through many rough times. The doctor put a name to what was wrong with me: Bipolar Disorder. Ah, so that’s what I’ve had for many, many years! With the proper medication now, many have said I’m a different person. I’ll take that any day to what I was! Thank you Northern Lakes.

Today, I am still in therapy and it may be a life long recovery. I still have my ups and downs, but nothing like before. I bought a dog in February 2004 and Faithanne is the love of my life. I still have my husband of 41 years. My house has evolved from just an acre of land to a beautiful chalet I call Camelot. In fact, our home is on a ‘tour’ for a real estate company every weekend. I love being on the computer, designing and making jewelry, reading, and crocheting. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible.