JP: My Story

My dad and I have always done lots of things together. Traveling to the U.P. to camp and fish; riding dirt bikes since I was just a little kid; even working to restore old cars. He also always came to watch me play football. Whenever I have needed him, he was always there.

When I was five my parents adopted me. They rescued me from a very abusive situation. They taught me about family, friends, working hard and how to have fun being a kid. When I was in kindergarten I began to realize I had a hard time learning. I got picked on a lot and got into a lot of fights. Through it all my dad always told me I could come to him, and he also taught me to stand up for myself.

I have always loved sports! I began playing football in 2000. I really loved the game of football and that’s why I decided to play and be a part of the team. I learned that everyone has something they are really good at, and no one can play every position. My dad never missed a game and was always there to cheer me on.

Now I work at Hope Network. I work on the bus crew, cleaning churches and helping pack boxes for food pantries. I have been able to make lots of friends, drink lots of Mountain Dew, and have fun too. I really enjoy being a part of it. In my life I have had many people on my team.

One thing I have learned is that win or lose, you are still a part of the team.