Angie: My Story


I was raised with a very domineering mother. She taught me that looks were more important than brains. When I was 23, my illness began. I barricaded myself in my bedroom. I couldn’t stand the color green. My husband called a doctor. He knew there was something very wrong. the diagnosis was mental illness. For several years I was in and out of hospitals. When I was in Mercy Hospital, it was Mother’s Day, and I received a dozen roses. I broke down and cried, thinking I should be home with my children.

After my divorce I lived in three different AFC (Adult Foster Care) homes for six and a half years. I was on a list for ten months to get into my own apartment. It was my goal to live independently. I received a letter of rejection from an apartment complex. I had a meeting with the director and was accepted the next day.

Now I enjoy monthly potlucks and bingo three times a week. I have lots of friends and I am enjoying the life I am living. I go to Club Cadillac every week. My medications are Remeron, Lithobid, Geodon, and Zyprexa. I have a really good doctor, Ronald Melvin. My three children are grown now. they are Amanda, Benjamin, and Joshua. They all turned out great and I have great relationships with them.

My dream is to attend Baker College and get my associates degree in human services.