Recovery Learning Communities – April 2008 meeting materials here!

The April agenda included time for people attending to look at a big table full of recovery books and movies. Everyone brainstormed how best to be able to share these materials with people across 6 counties. The groups really like the idea of setting up a library system of some sort, so a person may check out materials to borrow and use at home.

The groups also like the idea of “peer centers” in Northern Lakes offices, where consumers may go for assistance from a peer in learning about recovery.

Many people are also interested in getting a little help from a peer on learning about their diagnosis on the Internet. While most communities have free Internet access through their public libraries, some consumers expressed that they would like to take a look at how computers and the Internet work with a peer first.

Northern Lakes has applied for a recovery block grant through the Michigan Department of Community Health to help implement some of these ideas that the Learning Communities and Recovery Council have identified. We will hear in September if the grant is funded!