Recovery Learning Communities – May 2008 meeting materials here! First ‘Mini Class’ on relaxation held

Attendees at the May Learning Communities (see agenda) had the opportunity to try using “bio-dots” to see how breathing and relaxation techniques work. Bio-dots are small circles with adhesive on one side and a shiny surface on the other side which look a bit like the old mood rings of the 1970s.

You place a bio-dot on your hand, in the web between your thumb and pointer finger. When you feel stressed, the bio-dot is very dark or black. If you feel relaxed, the bio-dot turns blue or green. Everyone tried to change their bio-dot by breathing deeply and imagining a relaxing place.

Relaxation and wellness are some of the topics people want to learn about in future Recovery Center for Excellence Classes. The Learning Communities provide a great opportunity to sample what a particular class might be like.

The groups also talked about what kinds of information might be most useful to include in the new recovery corners and display towers which are being set up in each office lobby.