Recovery Learning Communities – June 2008 meeting materials here! Language of Recovery – Hope is at the center.

The June Learning Community agenda focused on the language we use, specifically when we talk about recovery and stigma. In learning about the language of recovery, the group started with the official Northern Lakes CMH definition and how you can use that as a starting point for yourself. The group discussed that there are many other definitions too. The definition that fits for you is the right definition for you. The group also talked about how the path to recovery is not a straight line. There are ups and downs, advances and setbacks.

Included in the “language of recovery” are Things that Help You Heal:

  • Friends & support
  • Self-determination & choice
  • Education & awareness
  • Goals
  • Responsibility
  • Change
  • HOPE

HOPE is really important, because hope fills our hearts as we gain belief that we can recover.

  • Hope helps develop a belief that “Yes, I can Recover!”
  • Others are recovering and so can I
  • Hope can make dreams come true
  • Hope lights my mood
  • Hope helps me make changes

What do people hope for?
Housing, clothes, money, entertainment, travel, education, employment, friends and family, less suffering, peace, hope, dignity, respect, joy, serenity, calm, happiness. Notice in this list hope is listed. Sometimes all we can do is hope for hope. A small glimmer of hope can get us started on the path to recovery.