Recovery Council September and October materials here

The September and October meetings of the Recovery Council focused on the “5 Stages in the Recovery Process” video, the Recovery Enhancing Environment (REE) survey, drafting a recovery policy for Northern Lakes CMH, a review of progress made on our Recovery Blueprint, and a review of upcoming blueprint tasks for which the Recovery Council is responsible.

The group heard an update on the “5 Stages in the Recovery Process” video facilitators training held October 13. The trainings will be provided by a supervisor and a peer/consumer. The facilitator manual is well under way in its development.

The group also had updates from Dave Branding on use of the Recovery Enhancing Environment (REE). Northern Lakes CMH and Oakland CMH will be the lead agencies in Michigan in rolling out use of the REE.

Some of the handouts from these meetings include:  September agenda, October agenda, August minutes, September minutes, a summary of accomplishments from our blueprint for the last quarter, a list of the blueprint tasks yet to be accomplished by the Recovery Council.