Loretta: My Story

On a day in May
I was born with hazel eyes and a button nose
with all of my fingers and all of my toes.
I was a happy little girl but I always knew
there was a secret that had me blue.
About how I came to be,
I always knew I had another family.
Don’t get me wrong
I loved my mom and dad I had,
they always took good care of me.
Then in April of 1992
my sweet dream came true
The feelings I felt of being empty and blue
came to pass
’cause I found
my biological family at last.
I feel very blessed
’cause I have two families
that are the best.
Yes, we fight and bicker too
but when it comes to loving each other, we do.
I have had happy times and sad times
I have even lost a loved one or two
but knowing they are in Heaven
looking down on me,
also with the help of friends and family,
has really helped my recovery.