Expect Recovery: Make It Happen Newsletter – Vol. 1, Issue 2 Here!

Formerly known as just the “Northern Lakes Newsletter,” the Expect Recovery (Make It Happen!) Newsletter is now named and out for viewing. This is our second issue and it’s just packed full of information that is useful to engage in your recovery as well as aid others in theirs. This newsletter will be published quarterly and each edition shall have an article from Colleen Jasper (Consumer and Director of the Office of Consumer Relations at Michigan Department of Community Health in Lansing), as well as updates on our Recovery and Anti-Stigma Projects as we continue to grow at Northern Lakes CMH (NLCMH).

In this issue, the Recovery Council at NLCMHA is noted as having key input and accomplishments on improving the Recovery Movement at NLCMH. Specific accomplishments include but are not limited to developing the official Definition of Recovery and providing key input to develop a policy on “Promoting a Recovery Oriented Service System of Care” (the policy was adopted on April 27, 2009). The policy is also discussed in this issue.

Advocates who spoke at the Walk A Mile In My Shoes Rally are also highlighted in this issue. In case you missed the rally, each person’s testimony sent messages to lawmakers about the importance of funding mental health issues/programs in these times of economic challenges. Kudos to those of you who participated. It’s always an enjoyable day full of learning and meeting other people from around the state.

Almost every day of the week now there’s something happening with the Recovery programs here at NLCMH. This issue of the newsletter has the happenings of the groups throughout NLCMHA and will continue to provide updates on new and arising activities. The very first Smoking Cessation group just ended the second week of August after 10 weeks of meetings. Seven people graduated from the program and new groups are being formed in Cadillac and Grayling. Various other groups have also been supporting and strengthening the Recovery movement at NLCMHA such as the Recovery Learning Communities, WRAP groups, MI-PATH groups (Michigan’s Personal Action Towards Health), and Pathways to Recovery Groups. Using Music in Your Recovery will be starting next month in all office locations.

Hopefully you enjoy reading this issue and, as always, let us know how we can improve or what you would like to see in future issues. We are always open to suggestions for improvement. Expect Recovery. . . Make It Happen!

Happy reading!

Mary Beth Evans, Recovery Coordinator