8 Mini-Grants Awarded!

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (NLCMH) offered mini-grants to help transform the public mental health system to one based on recovery principles by strengthening consumer choice and enhancing personal recovery.

There were two broad priority areas to be addressed with the grants:

  1. Community Membership, Inclusion and Participation – Projects may promote active involvement in the community; and/or promote awareness or understanding through an activity or event; and/or promote meaningful and satisfying work or volunteering or success in the educational setting; and/or promote meaningful relationships.
  2. Wellness – Projects may promote good physical health, mental health, spiritual health, or quality of life.

Eight grants have been awarded, with a few contingencies. Congratulations to the successful applicants! The grants will allow for:

  1. A book celebrating the recovery of Traverse House members.
  2. Personalized physical evaluations and individualized exercise programs for Traverse House members.
  3. Purchase of tools and supplies to create a garden producing healthy food and exercise for Club Cadillac members.
  4. Purchase of four YMCA Memberships to be shared among Club Cadillac members.
  5. Learned Optimism and Resilience Training Workshops for community members in several northern Michigan communities.
  6. An educational mailing to employers promoting the employment of people with psychiatric disabilities.
  7. Art of Recovery sessions in the Cadillac area open to community members.
  8. Leathermaking classes in the Cadillac area, specifically designed for men, open to community members.

Funding for this initiative comes from a Culture Change To Embrace Recovery block grant through the Michigan Department of Community Health.