7th Annual Art of Recovery Show: Fantastic!

We sure appreciate seeing so many friends at the opening reception yesterday!

If you missed it, the show will be up until Monday, November 25 of Thanksgiving Week. We hope you have a chance to get there and view the fantastic work, which is the best show yet! In addition to the hundreds who attended yesterday, many more will see the work of our community artists during regular gallery hours as well as the number of special events hosted by the InsideOut Gallery.

The reception was full of positive energy and emotion and, above all, stories – stories of healing and resilience, of power and struggles, of getting through the day, of achieving so much while facing adversity. All of us who helped with the event are recharged as a result of hearing how much this event means to so many people.

For some it was the first time their creativity was on public display – their courage is amazing! It is truly inspiring to see how the arts contributes to people’s well-being and how powerful the healing spirit!

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