Walk A Mile In My Shoes Rally!

May 18, 2016 saw one of the biggest turnouts for the Annual Walk A Mile in My Shoes Rally at the Capitol in Lansing. We estimate between 2,800 and 3,000 attendees joined us from all over our beautiful state for the 12th annual event.

The coverage of this event helps bring awareness to mental health issues.  One clip from a local Lansing station is linked below:


Following are the statements for each of the Northern Lakes CMH counties represented. Each ended in: Walk a Mile In My Shoes!

  • Crawford: One must have passed through the tunnel to understand how black the darkness is…Take the steps toward recovery!
  • Grand Traverse: Informed attitudes are critical to increasing full community inclusion of those served by our behavioral health system.
  • Leelanau: I deserve to have a say. Listen to me and value my opinions.
  • Missaukee: See me. I am intelligent, understanding, compassionate, capable and strong. I am a PERSON, not a label. See me for who I am and who I will become.
  • Roscommon: Together, we can raise mental health awareness and end stigma.
  • Wexford: Think before you misuse psychiatric terms. The casual use of mental health terms is hurtful – and it hurts our progress.

Check out the photos at https://northernlakesphotos.shutterfly.com/.