NLCMHA psychiatric fellows program featured in article

The need for more mental health professionals is no secret — especially for children and adolescents. Even before the pandemic, the Citizens Research Council of Michigan had reported that about 38 percent of Michiganders (and 80 percent of those with substance use disorders) were not receiving the mental health care they needed. Psychiatric fellows and residents are helping meet that need. Medical school graduates typically take on fellowships after completing their residencies in a specific medical field. 

The psychiatric fellows program offers a rich learning experience that increases capacity to help children and families at the same time – a win/win! – with the added bonus that about 50% of those trained tend to stay and work where they received their training.

We appreciate Second Wave Media’s story about the psychiatry fellows program at Northern Lakes. Hear from Northern Lakes CMH’s Dr. Scott Monteith and his work to bring psychiatry residents to our rural area to provide more mental health services to children.

Dr. Kellen Stilwell, Pine Rest Child and Adolescent Fellow