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New NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center Open 12 hours, 7 days

NLCMHA is committed to expanding the crisis continuum in the region. We believe this can be accomplished by providing services that are person centered, and build on the strengths of individuals, families, and our communities working together.

Recently, NLCMHA received grant funds to open a WALK-IN NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center, which is now open at 105 Hall Street in Traverse City, from noon to midnight, seven days a week, and will eventually open 24/7.

The NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center is a NEW point of access in the crisis continuum of care, welcoming people of all ages from across six counties, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. It is staffed with clinicians and peer support specialists.

The NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center is grounded in a recovery model which aims to assist individuals in looking beyond mental health conditions, encouraging them to strive for and achieve personal ambitions, and inspiring them to create meaningful relationships and personal connections.

The NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center offers:

  • Groups –2:00 PM and 5:00 PM Daily
  • Peer Supports
  • Person-Focused Services
  • Crisis Intervention

Who can come to the NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center?

What are the admission criteria?

Crisis services are self-defined. That means that YOU determine if it is a crisis. If you feel like it is a crisis, it is a crisis! Crisis services are available to any person experiencing a crisis. If an adult is involuntarily petitioned to get services, they may be taken to the emergency department.

Please note: If a person is actively attempting to take their own life (for example, has cut themselves or taken pills), this is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY and the person would be best served in the hospital emergency department.

Frequently Asked Questions