MACMHB Blog Features Northern Lakes’ Public Relations Efforts

Taken from the Michigan Association of CMH Boards publication, Connections:

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Look for this new posting:

The extraordinary achievements in public relations at Northern Lakes CMH continue. Connections asked Greg Paffhouse, CEO, if he would write a story that would help us understand both what they had achieved and how we might do the same. The response was a stellar piece of writing that included how it began with their vision, mission, values and specific social marketing outcomes established at the board level. The article includes information on how they targeted their audience and established the essential and reciprocal relationships with individuals in selected local media. Part of the program which the article discusses is a highly successful internet web site that received 203,454 hits in June of 2008! And finally, there is discussion on how they measure their success. This article is dynamite. Alas, we considered it too long to print here, and too excellent to edit, so we’ve posted it in its entirety on the blog, where you can not only read it, but post comments.

The link below is to the full article:

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