Art of Recovery show through November at Traverse Area District Library

The 12th Annual Art of Recovery: The Human Journey Show continues at the Traverse Area District Library through November 2018. Drop in and enjoy the show anytime the library is open. It is a beautiful show including a wide variety of art, from pencil sketches to oil on canvas, collage to watercolor, professional and novice… what they all have in common is they are inspired by people who have recovered from something. The stories of the artists are compelling and encouraging. One person paints with brushes secured to mitts because her hands are paralyzed. Another became an artist after being a professional singer who damaged her vocal cords in a car accident. Others have recovered from alcoholism, or mental health issues, or  trauma in the family. It’s an uplifting show celebrating the resiliency and healing power of people. Don’t miss it! In the meantime, visit our Image Gallery.