Dental Health is Important!

We’ve all heard that our teeth/gums/mouth are all important to our health, but some of us avoid going to the dentist because we are concerned about costs. I recently found an amazing dentist who put me at ease by providing clear information on the costs for services and explanations of which services are necessary and which are recommended but optional. This dentist also has a payment plan available if a needed procedure comes up to help people afford to get the work done that they need. Free dental days are also offered periodically in some of our communities too. I would encourage everyone who does not have a dentist to keep trying to find one who will work with you on costs if that is a concern for you. There are people out there who care about your health and will help you make a plan for care that is affordable for you.

Prevention is very important for good dental health. My new dentist referred me to a Canadian Healthy Teeth website. It is packed with information that explains everything from how to brush your teeth to quizzes you can take to see if you if what you’re doing to take care of your teeth is enough. This site has been beneficial for my children as well.  After you log in and launch the site, just type “Dental” in the search box and you’ll find a lot of very helpful information on brushing and flossing and how to prevent oral complications, especially if you have diabetes.