Just Dreaming Again…

iStock_000004754271XSmallSherlockWEBTime is odd when you are dreaming. Sometimes the whole night goes in a flash. Other times, it seems like hours, but on the clock only a few minutes have passed.

I’ve heard from people recently that dreaming has meanings: that there are books, encyclopedias, therapy sessions, just about everything imaginable, on how to interpret dreams. What if these dreams are helping you? What if they scare you? What if you want to know why you are dreaming certain things? Is the age old theory real that you dream about the last thing you think about before you fall asleep?

Since I myself have been having some pretty vivid dreams lately, I decided that that I would start writing them down. I thought maybe in order to develop a better understanding of my dreams that I would begin to make an effort to keep a dream journal. Nothing too extensive or expensive. When I wake up, I write down the most prevalent symbols, colors and events that I can remember. Then I try to remember, the best I can, the mood of the dream or my feeling(s) in it. I’ve heard people say this before, but essentially, I’m creating my very own personal dream dictionary to help myself understand the dreams I’m having.

Just food for thought. It’s an inexpensive way to get my thoughts from my dreams out on paper and help myself self-manage one small part of my life by owning my own thoughts through dreams.