Life, by Michelle

Everyday I look around and see the blessings in my life.
Even though there are so many times that I have felt so much strife.
The smiles on my children’s face teach me how to live,
I really try in every way to give and give and give.
I lost a friend the other day and was so surprised to hear,
that the Lord above had called him home and then began the tears.
I realize that my friend is free from all the pain he felt, but I also know he
felt the joy of all that life had held.
He worked so hard to help others fight the fears they felt,
he showed me how to have courage, faith and love for all.
A kind and gentle soul the world lost the other day, but
he is now a shining star, I have no doubt at all.

So although I am sad,
I know that he would want me to know,
that he does not have to struggle any longer,
because heaven holds his soul.
We will meet again… But until that day arrives… I will treasure his memory always.
God bless you, Todd.
You walked the walk and talked the talk and made RECOVERY real!
Thank you.