Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes

I posted a blog on holiday blues before Christmas and kept looking at the resources myself to cope with my own struggles during the holidays. We all face financial difficulties, especially in today’s society, and even with a picture perfect budgeting plan, we all have unexpected things come up in our lives that cause us to panic, wondering how we will make it through that hardship. I was proud that I had spent what little money I did on my kids for Christmas. Although they weren’t getting what they asked for from Santa because Santa couldn’t afford it this year, they at least were getting “something,” which to me was good enough and would be for them too, knowing that some children wouldn’t even get that “something.”

One of my daughters went into her room and started grabbing some stuffed animals and other toys she no longer plays with. She brought them out to me and asked if we could take them to Santa’s workshop so other kids could have a toy to open on Christmas too. As a mother, I of course granted her wish and cried the entire time I was driving them to the local charity. When I got there, I told the lady the story about how these toys were coming to her possession for other children so that they could give them to others for Christmas. She too started sobbing with me. She reminded me that generosity comes in all shapes and sizes even when we least expect it. She thanked me and I thanked her because it wasn’t but a few months ago that their charity had helped me out when I was in a bind.

The day before Christmas Eve, a knock came at my door. It was Santa Claus and some helpers from the Sherriff’s department. It seems that Santa wanted to grant my children their wish of what they REALLY wanted for Christmas… which was a new bicycle. Each one of my three girls received a new bike and their brother received a Mr. Potato Head, which he was thrilled to receive. Although they never said how my children were chosen for such a wonderful gift, it led me back to what that kind woman at the local charity shared with me…Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes and when you least expect it. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.

This experience has taught me more than anything to not just re-evaluate my own personal coping skills, but also to be thankful for what I have and what I can give; no matter how small that might be.

Happy Tidings To All For A Great Year To Come!

–Mary Beth Evans, CPSS, Recovery Coordinator