Down Time – by Thomas Humphrey

Thomas read some of his poems at the opening reception of our 3rd annual Art of Recovery: The Human Journey show. He gave us permission to share his poetry with you here.

There’s still time to view the show through November 30, 2009, at the Inside Out Gallery in Traverse City.

Down Time

down time is when it all happens
an hour erased from the day
where does it go?
the sun tells me the numbers lie
fleeting digits and spinning wheels
nothing i haven’t seen before…

down time
the sun is out but i am sleeping in
i crawl from under cover feeling something’s missed
and then i think back
through a long blur of days and nights
that i can’t name in numbers
though i feel them still…

coming back from recess
a stray dog’s adoption
birthing a child
the moments swirl
down time…

what are they worth?
they say time is money, but i don’t know what they mean
I’ve never been able to hang onto either…