Christine: My Story

I’ve learned that our journey has mountains and valleys. I have walked through many valleys in my journey and climbed many mountains.

I found myself in a deep dark valley due to circumstances in my life. I became suicidal. My loving husband guided me to my primary physician who recommended that I contact Community Mental Health. With medications, individual therapy, and group therapy, I gained tools to help me climb to a new level on that mountain.

As a result of all the help I received at CMH and the gentle prodding of my family I decided to pick up my writing again. It has been very therapeutic for me to write through my recovery. I write a lot of poetry and now have the courage to begin a book.

Another high point in my journey was when I decided to get my spiritual life together. Prayer has been a major part of my recovery. Also, meditating on scriptures has helped me to maintain a positive attitude.

Between my family, friends at CMH, my writing, and working on my spiritual life, I have become a more positive and hopeful person. Even though I face a lot of difficult life events, my mind and moods stay stable. Also with the help of a loving husband and three precious children, I am a very happy person, enjoying my valleys and mountains. I have now gained the courage to reach out and help others with their journeys.