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Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

New Beginnings Drop-In Center representatives

New Beginnings Drop-In Center representatives

The 11th annual Walk A Mile in My Shoes (WAM) rally was held on Wednesday, May , 2015 at the Capitol Steps in Lansing. An estimated 2,750 persons were in attendance from all over the state. Former MSU basketball player Anthony Ianni was a featured speaker, and 83 consumers representing all of Michigan’s counties made statements related to ending stigma, supporting recovery, or the importance of services and supports in their lives.

Members of the Northern Lakes CMH Clubhouses and Drop-In Centers represented our six counties at the rally this year. Everyone did an incredible job of speaking from the Capitol steps. Here’s what they had to say:
  • Crawford County – Hi, I’m Victor Davis, from New Beginnings Drop-In Center. I would like to ask the State of Michigan to please restore the cuts to CMH so that we can return those of us who lost services due to budget cuts. Walk a mile in my shoes!
  • Grand Traverse County – Clubhouses are critically important to thousands of people across the state. Clubhouses give a sense of community and keep people out of institutions. Walk a mile in my shoes!
  • Leelanau County – In Leelanau County, affordable housing and jobs are big concerns. It is so much easier to focus on feeling better when we have safe homes and jobs. Walk a mile in my shoes!
  • Missaukee County – In 2003 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was in the hospital. My son had been in foster care and it felt like my whole world was coming down. Now with support from Club Cadillac and CMH, I am stable. I’m living on my own and my son is back living with me. Walk a mile in my shoes!
  • Roscommon County – Hi, my name is Edmund J. Lipon, Jr.  I’m the president of New Beginnings Drop-In Center in Houghton Lake. Before that I was a staff member and consumer.  Now with Lynda and Amanda leading the way it’s a great center for people with mental illness to come in and get help. Walk a mile in my shoes!
  • Wexford County – I spent 5 years addicted to drugs.  Thanks to my doctors at CMH and my Club Cadillac family, I’ve been clean now for 1 year. Walk a mile in my shoes!

To see more photos from the event, visit https://northernlakesphotos.shutterfly.com/