Using Social Media to Connect with Friends and Family

In our October 12 post, we shared Marty Raaymakers’ information on Making Friends: People Maps. This has gotten me thinking about my own situation. A lot of people in today’s society use the ever so popular and growing web site called Facebook. I happen to be one of those people and lately I’ve been grateful that today’s society has such a thing to offer. I’ve connected with people that I haven’t seen since I was in grade school back in the suburbs of Detroit. Since I have connected to Facebook, I’m finding more and more out about who I am as a person through interacting with folks that I know now as my family. Without them I would not be where I am today. To date I have over 400 friends who definitely don’t all fit on my people map. They are friends and acquaintances but a very few have become my family. They listen to me and provide support and acceptance for my right and wrong decisions. Part of Recovery to me is being accepted for who I am.

A long time ago I thought that the only supports I had were the ones telling me all the things I did wrong. Through interactive technology I have been more than motivated to not only listen to my friends/family tell me what I’ve done wrong, but to accept me for those things and encourage me how to make it right.

Whoever and wherever you are, there are supports out there for you. Even if it’s not through Facebook, it’s there. It’s not easy and it can be tough, but being open-minded and not putting negative judgments on others will definitely help. Please take a look at Marty’s video on People Maps because it’s really an awesome way to reach out and help yourself make friends and connections. You matter to someone. Everyone does. Reach out and make friends. The first step is taking one step at a time.

– Mary Beth Evans, CPSS, NLCMHA Recovery Coordinator