Next Action Group Meeting May 13

So what is an action group meeting and why would I want to attend?  I’m so happy you asked!

When we held the Open Forum in December, we took all the important themes from what we heard brought up at the meeting, and decided to try to re-energize the focus on recovery in different ways.  We came up with an idea that tries to capture the important themes that everyone suggested.  The idea has three parts: Learning, Doing, and Local Networks.

The Learning part is going to be held less often than the Learning Community meetings were (quarterly instead of monthly) but they will be longer and better with food provided (bring on the food!), guest speakers covering many different topics, and various activities. We are calling these the Mini-Conferences.

***** The Doing part is being called “ACTION GROUP” for now.  We have met once and plan to meet again on Friday, May 13 from 10 am – 12 pm.  This group is open to all who are interested in doing things (like working on recovery transformation projects – like preparing for the recovery celebration in September which is fast approaching, working on community events, and stigma buster activities.)  The meetings are videoconferenced to three of our four office locations (Grayling and HL will rotate monthly) each month so people can participate without extensive travel involved. The dates for these Action Group meetings will change each month. Check back here, or check the recovery tower in your CMH lobby, or check the Consumer Event Calendar for future dates.

The Local Networks part is under development – we are building local flexible, empowered groups that will meet with whatever frequency people want and focus on activities and projects that the group determines (i.e., volunteer projects, exercising, budgeting, walking groups, spirituality, recovery, WRAP groups, etc.).  People who want to create the activities and projects can get some staff support to help the groups stay connected and get going.

No idea is a bad idea so please let us know what you are thinking! Hope to see you at our next Action Group Meeting on Friday, May 13 from 10 am – 12 pm via videoconference to the Grayling, Cadillac, and Traverse City offices. In Traverse City, meet on the 2nd floor at reception.