National Women’s Health Week: It’s Your Time!

May 9-15, 2010 celebrates the 11th Annual National Women’s Health Week. The theme, “It’s Your Time,” reminds women that even though they are often caregivers for children, spouses, and parents, they must not forget to take time to focus on their own health. This nationwide celebration urges women to make their own health their top priority.

Women are very different from men. While we share many common traits as human beings, we don’t share all of the same health concerns. Some conditions are more common in women. Here are some good sources to learn more – including some practical, easy things you can add into your life right away:

Women’s Mental Health: What It Means To You is a great publication by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Office on Women’s Health. Click womenmentalhealth to access this 22-page booklet which is packed with helpful information of specific interest to women.

Another fantastic resource to support women’s health can be found in the Health Education Answers section of our web site. Click here and then choose “Launch” to access this interactive site!