National Wellness Week: on Emotional Health

Each day during SAMHSA‘s National Wellness Week, we will be looking at one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

Today, we look at Emotional Health — Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.

People attending our September Action Group offered these ideas on how they personally promote their emotional health:

  • When a negative thought comes into my head, I Catch it, Check it, and Change it, into a positive thought.
  • Express your feelings for others.
  • Be aware of your feelings.
  • Learn coping mechanisms to overcome troubling emotions.
  • Use self soothing techniques like a bubble bath, candles, lotions, oils  (aromatherapy)…
  • Sing more.
  • Garden.
  • Listen to music.
  • Walk outside.
  • Exercise.
  • Talk about things that bother me, don’t bottle them up.
  • Replace cake with fruit.
  • I practice yoga each morning to help deal with stress.