Feeling Froggy!

So the holidays are finally over and we can all take a deep breath in and out knowing that we have 11 more months until they start again (hardly seems like enough time does it?). I took a few minutes the other day while deciding what my New Years Resolution was, to write down all the accomplishments I have been through during this past year of 2011 (I was feeling froggy and took a jump on what I thought would be a positive affirmation of my year’s successes). I’d like to share some of those with you in hopes that, even if you have a bad day, if you create a list of your accomplishments for the entire year, you will surprise yourself at how many things you have done or overcome. My list has some of the following things on it:

  1. Advocated for my daughter’s learning disability at her school until her  curriculum was adjusted to meet her needs.
  2. Got my youngest child (my three-year-old son) into a pre-primary intermediate school so he can start learning now versus later on how planned school days go and to help strengthen his language and vocabulary skills.
  3. Spent more time with my father and mother than I have since I was a child.
  4. Went back to college after an almost eight-year break.
  5. Started reading at least one book a week if not more (that is non-college related and just something that sparks my interest).
  6. Slowed down dramatically on smoking.
  7. Updated my Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and gave a new copy to my main supporters.
  8. Emceed the Walk-A-Mile In my Shoes Rally at the state Capitol in Lansing, which was a huge honor to be asked and chosen.
  9. Paid it forward and tried to help others who had helped me throughout the year, even with a kind hug or a warm smile.
  10. Started giving my children a hug and a kiss every night before they went to bed and telling them I loved them – always making time to know that they are cared about and how proud I am to be their mom.

After I created this list (which is a lot longer than just these 10 things), I went back through it numerous times and in all actuality I kind of shocked myself at the many things I had accomplished in 365 days. It does not matter if you have only accomplished one thing in the past year, make sure to write it down and put it in the bathroom on the mirror where you can read it everyday and know you have done something to better your life or the lives of those around you. Be an advocate for yourself as well as others and remember to incorporate this as a daily celebration in your life. You are worth a lot and as an advocate even more!