To Modify The Bully Bookmarks Created with Mini-Grant

This past year, we offered mini-grants to support projects created by people with mental health issues themselves. One of these grants was to create bookmarks which contain the poetry of Annamarie Lawrence as a community education project “To Modify The Bully”. These have been distributed at libraries, schools, and health fairs and other community events. They are included here too, so you can print them out and enjoy them also. Click the titles below to access the printable bookmarks.

  • In Harm’s Way – is written to help a young child understand what to do when he/she senses trouble.
  • No More – is designed to make a girl think before she humiliates another. At the same time, the poem makes another girl understand that the bully is doing wrong, not her.
  • Alley Cat – was written to show that being tough and bad does not win friendships.
  • R.D. (Short for Recovery Doll) – is designed to help students cope with abusive classmates. It is written to help them think in a way that the bully can’t hurt them anymore.
  • Peace – shows that when we pick the weeds of abuse and violence, plant the seed of understanding, we have the fruit of peace.