Employees in this clinical position are responsible for ensuring continuity of services, with a primary responsibility for assuring that the case management functions are carried out: assessment, planning, linking, coordinating monitoring and advocacy. Will act on behalf of consumers to assure that services are offered consistent with the Board’s mission statement and applicable policies and procedures. The Case Manager is a service broker for the consumer and is a resource to the treatment staff. The Case Manager reports to the Operations Manager as assigned. This position has no direct supervisory responsibilities.


ESSENTIAL POSITION FUNCTIONS (listing Position Specific functions first):

  • Provide supports coordinator/case management services to assigned individuals. The core elements of supports coordinator/case management include assessment, service plan development, linking/coordination of services, reassessment/follow-up, and monitoring of services.
  • Complete a comprehensive social work assessment for each case management qualified consumer assigned annually in preparation for the Individual Plan of Service (IPOS).
  • Coordinate and serve as chairperson in the development of an integrated IPOS for all assigned consumers on an annual basis minimally, including a pre-planning process.
  • Amend or develop a new IPOS when significant changes occur in services or consumer status.
  • Link assigned consumers to needed assessments and service providers, both internally and externally, as indicated by individual recipient needs.
  • Schedule and participate in intra and interagency meetings as needed to advocate for and coordinate services, to evaluate the recipient’s progress and to ensure rights and freedoms are protected.
  • Make and document referrals to appropriate agencies when Northern Lakes Community Mental Health does not provide the needed service(s).
  • Examine assigned consumer status and needs, as defined in the IPOS, and will document the case management service provided in written progress notes.
  • Complete a comprehensive IPOS Review for all assigned consumers as appropriate.
  • Monitor overall service provided to ensure services are being provided consistent with the IPOS document and that identified activities or services have been completed as established.
  • Perform adult foster care home placement and follow-up functions consistent with applicable standards, including oversight of personal care services.
  • Participate in the NLCMH Emergency Services Program as credentialed and privileged to do so.
  • Assist co-workers, as both situation and time provides, providing day emergency services.
  • Coordinate with other agency staff procurement of adaptive equipment and medical/dental services as identified in the IPOS.
  • Stay abreast of entitlement programs and will assist assigned consumers in applying for and maintaining benefits.
  • Coordinate with clinical services staff the development of behavioral plans, as required, and will ensure compliance with Behavioral Treatment Committee procedure.
  • Participate, as a resource person, in program/service reviews or audits, i.e., clinic services, specialized residential, etc. and assist as requested in completing and implementing plans of correction.
  • Maintain current knowledge of mental health symptomatology, intervention and treatment strategies.
  • Coordinate contracted services, (including provider training specific to the recipient) and verify that the services were delivered as specified in the IPOS.


Must have licensure with the State of Michigan as a Licensed Bachelors Social Worker. Limited Licensed Bachelors Social Worker or licensed RN considered.    Must maintain licensure.



Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited university, or a Degree in Nursing.

Must be motivated to work with the developmentally disabled and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the special needs of this population. Although not a requirement, it is preferred that this knowledge is in part the result of prior direct experience with a minimum of one year experience working with the developmentally disabled population.


NLCMHA complies with the CMS Omnibus Staff Vaccination Requirements relating to COVID-19 vaccination, which can include medical/religious exemptions.



  • $1,000 will be given to employees in two payments: $500 after six months, $500 after one year.
  • Employee must remain in the original position they were hired in for the duration and be in good standing to be eligible.