Larry: My Story

I got into a bad car wreck in 1987 around February 2nd or 3rd. It must have been around midnight and that’s why two different dates are in question. I ran into a boulder. I broke my right ankle and have a big scar on my belly from an operation as my kidney or liver got damaged. Now it looks like I have two navels and my speech is impaired, messed up. I can’t speak plainly. I had my operation in Saginaw at St. Mary’s Hospital, and then moved to a place called Sanilac County Medical Care Facility in Sandusky, Michigan. It’s in Sanilac County where I’m from, in the thumb of Michigan, a farming and crop area.

While I was in a coma for ten and a half months this lady came almost every day. She claims she is my second mother. One day while she was there it came to me that she was nagging, nagging, nagging, so I told her to shut up. She said, “Larry’s all right. He just spoke to me.” What a way to wake up, but enough was enough. I know what I told her was cold but her nagging and nagging was too much. She had it coming to her. I just wanted her to quiet down. A 10-1/2 month sleep or coma was enough. Not her B.S.

I did have a 1985 Ford Escort, 4 cylinder, 5 speed which was great on gas.